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Our Philosophy

High quality ethically sourced ingredients

No: MSG,  Preservatives,  Fillers,  Gluten,  GMO,  Food Colourants,  Soya,  Basting,  Nuts,  Eggs,  Margarine, Iodine Free and Non-Irradiated

Carefully curated suppliers that meet food safety requirements of FSA,ISO 22000,FSSC 22000,BRC,GFSI,HACCP

Efficient, economical and food safe logistic network



Dark Tripe in Gravy
Slow cooked Ox Tripe and Intestines prepared the traditional way.

Beef Lip Mix
Slow cooked Beef Lip meat cooked the traditional way.

Chicken Gizzard Stew
Chicken Gizzards in rich mildly spiced tomato sauce.

“Heat in the bag”

All products come in standard 2kg packaging.



Single Spices & Herbs

Mixed Spices

Spices For Meat Products

  • Biltong
  • Droewors
  • Chilli Bites
  • Boerewors

General Packaging
Our products are available in units ranging from 100ml, 200ml and 325ml Bottles.

Value Packaging
We supply VALUE PACKS of 500g, each with one 100ml bottle and four refills.

Bulk Packaging
Available in 500g, 1, 5, 10 and 25kg Bags.


Imported best quality; available in various:

  • Longs
  • Caliber
  • Filing capacity
  • lengths



What to Expect

Consistent quality, best quality.

Commitment to source high quality, authentic products with consideration to sustainability, hygiene and the environment.

We strive for excellence and we pride ourselves that in using a lean team  performing detailed inspections prior to shipment  at the supplier to the client.

We  assist our suppliers with the necessary food safety advice to ensure consistency in taste, quality and food safety key performance Indicators.

We  provide COA’s for all products supplied and verify the  results with SANS approved micro laboratories.

Our Story

With a combined experience in Food safety, hygiene protocols in large food processing plants, import and exports: Werner Tredoux, Shingie van der Laan and  Daniel  Fitchet saw the need to facilitate sustainable sourcing of pure, authentic ingredients and food products that are hygienically safe from approved suppliers that meet the food safety requirements of FSA,ISO 22000,FSSC 22000,BRC,GFSI,HACCP.

Our objective is to provide quality food products across the African continent by building transparent relationships with our suppliers and consumers. We believe  the consumer has a right to know how and where their food is produced and the source of the ingredients.

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